A PCB that turns the Colorlight 5A-75B into an easy to use CNC motion controller for cheap. This project is based on q3k/chubby75 and LitexCNC.

The HUB75HAT is 5A-75B motherboard host for a Raspberry Pi CPU. The HUB75HAT connects to the RPI’s GPIO interface and uses SPI for FPGA communication. Three 26 pin header connectors with standard parallel port pinouts and 5V tolerant I/O are provided for compatibility with most parallel port interfaced motion control / CNC breakout cards / multi axis step motor drives.

In addition to the parallel expansion ports, the HUB75HAT provides two RS-485 interfaces for I/O communication to other RS-485 applications, such as the Huanyang VFD series. These RS-485 are directly taken from the RPI’s header (UART0 and UART1).

The firmware is flashed onto the 5A-75B by using the RPI’s GPIO pins. There is no need for external programmers.

The motherboard can also be used without the RPI, by using the standard ethernet communication of the 5A-75B. In this case one would loose the ability to use the RS-485 interfaces and an external tool will be required to flash new firmware.


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